Three Days Of GOP Shame That Helped Donald Trump Win

For THREE DAYS the GOP let the ‘controversy’ surrounding Donald Trump’s 2nd Amendment comment hang in the air, without trying to help him. 

It would have only taken a few minutes of research for the GOP to find MANY examples of Democrats talking about killing Republicans, which they could have used to deflect the Left's attacks. But they clearly didn't want to aide Trump in any way. 

in 2008, Hillary said she was gonna stay in the race because “Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June”. John Kerry talked of going to the White House and KILLING Bush. What about all the threats against Sarah Palin? Or the 'Killing Bush' movie?

There are DOZENS of examples of Democrat assassination talk. But the GOP didn’t even try to help Trump…they just sat back and enjoyed the show.

THIS is why Donald Trump won the GOP primary.

THIS is why the GOP is being rejected by its own members.

The GOP Leadership have NO BALLS, they have NO STRATEGY, and they have repeatedly proven they are no better than the Democrat liars their inaction is benefitting.
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