Those Misunderstandings Might Cost You Your Freedom

Islamo-fascism is represented equally by Merkel, the Muslim migrants and Now Zuckerberg. While Merkel and Zuckerberg enforce the Islamic colonization of Europe, the Muslim migrants carry it out. 

The muslim migrants are coming to exploit Europe, then conquer and rule it. They are not bound by any moral or ethical code.

Their advocates talk about “human rights”, but in Muslim culture there is no such thing as human rights. Europeans believe in human rights. Muslims do not. Europeans believe women are equal. Muslims do not.

Europe can either have free women, bars, churches, synagogues, cartoons, free speech and beer. Or it can have millions of Muslim migrants. It can’t have both. Not for long. Because there will be “misunderstandings”.

Bombs will go off, women will be raped and cartoonists murdered. And we will be told to change our behavior to avoid more of these “misunderstandings”. After each “misunderstanding”, we will lose more of our civil rights and the invaders will have more power to dictate our behavior and our way of life.

Until finally the only way to end all these “misunderstandings” will be a submission to the Islamic State. We may finally understand then, but it will be too late.
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