The WikiLeaks Email Democrats Don't Want You To Read

FROM: John Podesta
TO: Crooked Hillary
CC: Huma Danger
CC: Slimy Sid
BCC: George Soros

Subject: We Need a Bimbo Eruption

Hey Team,

With only a couple weeks left until the election, things aren't looking good for Hillary. After her seizure fiasco on 9/11, polls show her support is collapsing. No pun intended.

Look, we've already spent over $250 Million trying to demonize Donald Trump -- but that Son-of-a-Bitch just won't give up. Not only won't he quit, somehow he's still tied with us in the polls. How is that possible?

Something's seriously wrong with our campaign. Everything we throw at Trump backfires -- I've never seen anything like it before. Let's face it, no one's excited about voting for Hillary.

We need a new plan.

How about this idea? Let's give Sid Blumenthal $10 Million in laundered Clinton Cash and have him drag it through some trailer parks (it was James Carville's idea).

If Sid could find 6 or 7 women who would 'claim' Donald Trump did something inappropriate to them, we could make it look like it was a pattern of behavior. Donald Trump won't even know what hit him.

And with everyone distracted with our Trump Bimbo Eruptions, no one will talk about the crimes we committed when WikiLeaks exposes them. I think it would work.

I just got off the phone with our contacts in the Main-Scheme-Media. They've committed to giving Trump's Bimbo Eruption wall-to-wall coverage on TV. It'll be on every news channel 24/7.

Even Fox News wants in. Megyn & Shepard are excited.

Remember, we only have to fool the public for a couple more weeks. After Hillary wins the election, no one will care that we lied to them about the whole Bimbo Eruption thing. We'll just tell them it's Old News...

Let me know what you think,

This parody was written by Best Comments on-the-Right

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