The DC Swamp Is Deeper Than Anyone Thought


Meanwhile, the media has demanded no proof about the Russia nonsense, for which no evidence has been produced after almost a year of fishing by the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign (one and the same).

It is clear what happened. The Obama administration used the Russia ruse as an excuse to conduct surveillance on the campaign of the opposing party's presidential candidate.

It is, without question, worse than Watergate. That involved a petty, low level burglary by a small group of idiots. This involved the entire intelligence apparatus of the federal government. And the president (Obama) almost certainly knew about it as it was happening.

They then took steps to widely disseminate and give weak classification to the results of that surveillance, which has since been leaked, a felony in some cases, to the media by Obama plants in the bureaucracy as a political smear tactic.

And finally, the media has dutifully colluded with the Democrats, and proved themselves to be outright Democrat operatives, by continuing to promote the Russia nonsense using those leaks.

The amount of corruption is staggering, even to those who voted for Trump precisely because the "establishment" was out of control. The truth is even uglier than anyone suspected.

What the Democrats and the media have been doing is a million times worse, and a million times more destructive to our freedom and democracy, than the Russians (allegedly) hacking John Podesta's email - a claim for which, again, there has still been no proof provided, much less any involvement with the Trump campaign.


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