The Right-Wing Awakening

I realized years ago that the GOP wasn't fighting for what WE want...they're only looking out for THEIR interests. Yesterday Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, confirmed it.

Since 2013, I've been all in. That's when I decided to commit myself to doing anything I can to expose the corrupt politician's nefarious plans & change the GOP. It's an uphill battle, no doubt.

But if MILLIONS of retired, disabled, unemployed or otherwise 'inactive' Americans would do the same thing -- we could win! We need to make exposing the politicians, and their corrupt media co-conspirators, our full-time hobby.

If enough of us on-the-Right did this...we just might have a chance. But the hour is late.

My way of fighting back was by volunteering and making websites -- your way will most likely be different. However you do it, activists on-the-Right all over this great country need to get involved. It's time for conservatives to mobilize.

It's time to start treating this Culture War as the national emergency it truly is. The Left fights to win. People on-the-Right need to start doing the same thing.
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