Real Killer-Cops In Washington DC Are Covering Up Miriam Carey's Murder

Justice For Miriam Carey

Miriam Carey, a young African-American mother, was driving down the road with her infant daughter in the car. Moments later, Miriam was gunned down by Law Enforcement -- in broad daylight. Why was Miriam killed? Because she took a wrong turn.

If you're concerned about police violence, you should be outraged about what happened to Miriam Carey that day. 

The whole incident was captured on multiple law enforcement cameras, closed circuit video and even on the cell phones of citizens who watched the terrible scene unfold.

So why haven't you heard about THIS example of out-of-control, racist, Killer-Cops? BECAUSE IT OCCURRED RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!

Yes, Miriam Carey was killed by Washington DC police officers & Federal Secret Service agents. She was unarmed.

Somehow, during the ordeal, police even managed to get Miriam's baby out of the car -- before they shot her mother to death. Miriam died in a hail of gunfire, 26 shots in all were fired by Law Enforcement.

Not only hasn't Miriam's story gotten any attention in the main-scheme media; but the reporting about what happened that day is full of provable lies. Here's an example, from NBC.

"NBC News reported the DC Capitol shooting started when the woman tried to ram her car, with her baby inside, into a White House gate. Authorities said the Secret Service chased her and she exchanged gunshots with police near the Capitol." Every claim in that 'news' report was untrue. Why would NBC do that?

We still don't know how police were able to remove Miriam's daughter from the vehicle (she was secured in a car seat in the rear) because the authorities in DC have REFUSED TO RELEASE THE VIDEOS!

If the police can kill unarmed broad daylight...ON front of the White House...and escape scrutiny -- well that's downright scary.

For some reason, no one wants to talk about THIS example of out-of-control, racist, Killer-Cops. The only info we have comes from private cell phone footage. During the entire incident, Miriam was surrounded by Federal Law Enforcement -- she was not getting away. There was absolutely no reason to shoot her.

Miriam is a perfect example of a REAL victim of out-of-control Law Enforcement. So where are the protests for Miriam? Where is President Obama and Eric Holder? Where is Al Sharpton? Why don't they care about MIRIAM'S Civil Rights?

The answer? Because (based on their own anti-cop propaganda) this time the Federal authorities in DC can be called the out-of-control, racist, Killer-Cops! How embarrassing that must be. So, rather than being honest, they've decided to cover-up the details of Miriam's death, hoping the story will be forgotten.

In fact, isn't Law Enforcement in DC supposed to be the best trained Law Enforcement in America? How is it with all the resources of Homeland Security, Secret Service & the DC Police swarming around the White House, that they couldn't handle a simple situation like Miriam's? It doesn't make any sense.

Did out-of-control, Killer-Cops in Federal Law Enforcement murder Miriam Carey? Every American should want to know the answer to that question.

Now think about this. Because of what happened recently in Ferguson, Missouri; Washington is trying to intimidate Law Enforcement agencies all across the country. Claiming that 'out-of-control' cops nationwide are a problem that requires Washington's attention -- and oversight.

The balls it takes for them to do that -- while they're covering up a textbook example of REAL police abuse -- is simply astounding. The fact that they think they can get away with it should concern everyone.

It's been over 3 years now since Miriam was killed. I've been following her story ever since it occurred, waiting to hear a logical explanation. But, amazingly, no one in the media has seriously challenged the Government's stonewalling about Miriam's killing. It's an unbelievable story.

It's time for citizens everywhere to finally demand justice for Miriam Carey. Please contact your elected representatives and share this information with all your friends.



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