The Race Card Has No Shelf-Life

The Race Card is the most rapid-fire, all purpose, over used and abused, ad hominem and vapid weapon of smear, mass deception, diversion and greed ever conceived by man.

It is a weapon under which the most feeble minds are severely crouched and can be played with the greatest of ease by even the most reason and integrity challenged, and in fact, was designed especially for use by them...

It is void of justice. It is void of liberty. It needs no footing in rationality. It resembles a witch hunt and is, in plain and clear fact, similar to a lynching. At times it is the last refuge of hate filled and money and power hungry scoundrels and at other times the first as they attempt to mass murder intellect, justice and freedom of speech.

It has no expiration date. It doesnt even appear to have a half life. There are those who theorize that it may continue to exist indefinitely in some form even after time itself has come to an end.



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