The Quieter Approach To Border Security

Ben Carson is a thoughtful person. He is not going to pigeonhole himself to one course of action and castrate himself in the general. Immigration and trade are two sides of the same coin. IF we were to eliminate all trade and immigration with foreign powers we would immediately end up in a great depression.

The problem with jobs is not the fact that we allow immigration, it is that we don't control it. We are allowing our country to be flooded with the poor of Mexico and Central America and we are burdening ourselves paying for welfare to take care of them. 

In the same policy we encourage the governments of these countries not to implement reforms to improve the lot of their own citizens. Both actions hobble us.

Trump has the right idea on some of this but it is more than turning off a spigot. We have to develop an understanding with these countries so that we can coordinate immigration and trade treaties that grow the size of the Pie and not just chop up who gets what piece. I don't think Trump is unaware of this or would ignore the issue but I fear his rhetoric will pigeonhole him. I think Carson if he recognizes the problem will find a good way to address it even though he will take the quieter approach.



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