The Public Is Pushing Back Against The Left-Wing Media

Yeah, right there in the title, the attempt's already being made to marginalize and dismiss this: 'right wing radio host.' But NEVER, oh, NEVER is the term 'left wing' applied, to ANYONE on the Obama/Hillary/media elite's team (which...they...are).

The DM is already validating everything Laura Ingraham said, right from the get-go. This is way beyond the every-convenient and dismissive phrase 'media bashing.' This is MUCH broader and deeper than that.

This is a public uprising, against LEFT wing operatives masquerading as 'media,' and whose sole goal this week is to proclaim the GOP convention a 'failure' (no matter what) and then do the opposite NEXT week at the Democratic convention.

Their goal is to defeat Trump and elect Hillary...and in playing this usual game of theirs in THIS election cycle, they're only further inflaming an already-enraged U.S. electorate that has yet to conform a single, solitary time to the predictions or expectations of the so-called 'experts.'
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