The Progressive Train Wreck

Romney, is he kidding? I voted for the loser last time and he let Obama win a second term. He's a 2nd rate runner at this point. The GOP is running scared because they know they have NO ONE who can beat Trump.

If the GOP chooses any other candidate but Trump they're going to split the Republican vote and the GOP WILL LOSE.

Donald most likely will still win as he has a HUGE following from both major parties - The Republicans and the Democrats - and both Party Elites are reading the writing on the wall. Donald Trump is a threat to both parties.

They are scared.

They both need to give it up. And what both Party Elites need to do is Stop the "Obama Train of Disaster" right now. "Impeach and Remove". The "Obama Disaster Train" will only continue to hurt the Democrats and this country more by the minute. The Republican Elite should be screaming "Impeach and Remove".

But the party who is really being hurt is the Democrats - They are being hurt so bad by the "Obama Disaster Train" that they won't be able to win an election if they're not careful for another 20 or 30 years.

Don't they get it. Helloooooo......



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