The Pollsters Lied

- They KNEW the early Democrat Absentee Ballot requests were coming in very low for Hillary vs. Obama 2012.

- They KNEW early voting was low for Hillary vs. Obama 2012.

- They KNEW Democrat Absentee Ballots returned were coming back slower vs. Obama 2012.

- They knew Trump was over performing Romney 'everywhere' - and those are HARD numbers from 10 days ago!

- They knew - and they lied.

They are paid 7 figures to stare at these tiny 'county level' details and more (online mentions - small donations - even shirt sales - etc) ....

They knew and they lied - they LIED INTENTIONALLY to produce a ton of polling stories running up to election day (get out the vote etc) that would dishearten Trump supporters and excite Hillary supporters.

They lied. And we know they lied!
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