The Political Establishment Has Declared War On We The People


Impeachment is only conducted in the Congress, along with establishing Federal Courts other than the Supreme Court, eliminating Federal Courts and determining their Jurisdiction.

So the scumbags in the GOPe who just undermined Trump with a Fascist Health Care Bill Plan and threats to deep-six his Tax Cuts would have to stop the Courts that are undermining Trump.

But it is clear that the GOPe wants to destroy Trump.

Hayek understood half-century ago that the problem with our Constitution is that the Congress legislates Rules of Just Conduct and Appropriates the Funds. It was just a matter of time before they sold Privilege for Payola. I wonder if he contemplated that they would surrender virtually every other Power under the Constitution?

But the problem according to Levin in "Men in Black" is that the Courts have also usurped Immigration Enforcement from the Executive Branch and Congress. This was set in high-gear in Plyler in 1982 where the Supreme Court Ruled that "Persons" cited in Amendment XIV provides Public Education and other Welfare Benefits to illegal aliens.

While I am ecstatic that Trump defeated Madam Mao, he is a big disappointment on both his deferring to the Courts with his Immigration Executive Order and the "Lyin" Ryan Un-American Health Care Scam.

I believe we both continued to tout that a COS was necessary regardless of the Election of Donald J. Trump and now I am more and more convinced that Jefferson was correct about the Tree of Liberty?

The GOPe has declared WAR on "We the People" and I don't think we can even depend on the Constitutional Remedy of Article V as the tyranny is now near complete.

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