The People Of The UK Didn't Get The Brexit Memo

Is the author of this article being mendacious or obtuse? Or both? It carefully ignores the main arguments of globalist skeptics.

1. Americans support Donald Trump because he wants to stop *illegal* immigration with a wall. Or does the author think that it’s just fine that Mexican cartels smuggle people across the border along with drugs, rape up to 80% of the women they accompany, murder thousands of others, or just leave them in a desert wilderness to die of thirst?

2. Americans are waking up to the devastation of poorly written and policed trade agreements, they are not against “free trade”. Trump has the courage to point out the fact that China and other nations are cheating with currency devaluation and non-tariff trade barriers and intellectual property theft.

3. Brexit was won primarily because UK immigration is 6 to 10 X higher per annum than it was prior to 2005. This is hurting the majority of citizens. Free trade and the EU has always been a red herring.

Britain can have just about as good a deal with Europe under the WTO than it has with the EU.

4. Ex EU, ex Goldman Sachs grandee Peter Sutherland apparently thinks that nation states are passe – that the existing cultures should be diluted. Most British citizens didn’t get that memo.

Of course none of this social engineering would affect him in the slightest. He is one of the lucky few gravy-train sociopaths from the industrial west that actually benefit from globalization.

5. Speculating that “populist” parties in Europe would be authoritarian once is power is a laugh. Has the author heard of Angela Merkel? She’s the one who unilaterally caused the biggest migration crisis since WWII.

German citizens speak up against this migration on Facebook, you will be reported by German monitors who used to work for the Stasi, you will be arrested and tried…
I’ve read similar articles in FT and other journals. It’s mind numbing deceit.
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