The Open-Minded Exodus

"History informs us that Blacks like Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Hiram Revels, and Sojourner Truth only allied with the Republican Party because it stood on the side of Black liberation ". 

Throughout history Democrats have done everything imaginable to prevent Blacks from being free and equal citizens. That's an undeniable truth -- thanks for reminding us.

And now, in just a few generations, Black people have been fooled into blindly defending anyone (even racist KKK members like Senator Byrd) as long as they're Democrats. You may disagree with Conservatives politically, but if it was up to Democrats, most Black people would still be toting chains. 

Dr. Carson is an inspiration to all Americans, regardless of your race. It's a shame that Liberals can't just accept that. In their twisted version of reality, the only successful Black people that can be held up as examples are Democrats. How sad. 

Blacks who believe in responsible, Constitutionally limited Government are declared 'extremist', 'dangerous', 'turncoats' that can't possibly be 'down with the struggle'. But every time you scream "RACIST" simply because someone disagrees with you, it erodes your support among people of color. Many Black people have already woken up to the Liberals' lies. 

Over the next couple of years you're going to witness an exodus of reasonable, open-minded people of all color from the Democrat party -- it's going to shock you. And when it happens, you'll only have yourselves to blame.

And Bush, of course.



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