The Only Way DC Corruption Will Be Fought Is If Donald Trump Wins

Have any bills been passed that implement Obama's ideas on gun control, immigration reform, taxes, cap-and-trade, etc.? NO. And there are PLENTY of other examples.

The only thing you can really say is that the GOP has made a few budgetary concessions (which while annoying are somewhat minor).

The only two things I can think of where the GOP actually caved (besides the government shutdown and debt-limit, which were not going to be successful anyway), is the Iran deal, which can be undone by winning the election.

I don't count TPP here because trade deals have generally been supported by the GOP, and so it's not really caving.

Constitutionally, Congress has ZERO power to indict ANYONE. All they can do is hold hearings, period. Elections have consequences, and there are ONLY two things the GOP can do to rectify corruption -- impeach (which will never be successful) or WIN the election.
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