The Only Thing Progressive Snakes Fear Is A Mongoose

I am a Trump supporter. I have been from day one. Reagan was my Governor in California, He was my President of the USA. Among other differences between Reagan and Trump, there is one glaring difference that is becoming readily apparent.

When Reagan was faced with disloyalty, security leaks, etc. he immediately administered lie detector tests on a broad scale, and fired hundreds. Hell, he fired all the Air Traffic Controllers when they tried to defy him.

Trump needs to quit whining and complaining and pick up the big stick. He is hiding in the weeds. Immediately call for lie detector tests on ALL departments suspected of leaking news. Jail the offenders.

If people quit rather than take the test, launch immediate investigations as to their actions. I am sick of the Talk, Talk, Talk. Time to fish or cut bait. He had better get with this quick, or he will be driven from office.

The only thing the snakes fear is a mongoose. There are none present.



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