The Ministry Of Truth Is Born

Seems there's a pattern of smuggling in these gross violations of individual rights during (a) the holidays, and (b) in a defense bill. A sense of irony is not their strong suit.

In previous NDAAs we got suspension of habeas corpus, unlimited detention w/o a due process but only on the President's say so, and now a direct assault on the 1st Amendment through government-produced propaganda.

Yes, I realize the government has lied to us for decades, but at least there was a shred of decency in that they did not openly advocate for the production of taxpayer-funded, systemic lies to the citizens themselves. They tried to hide their duplicity.

The bankruptcy of the statists and collectivists is complete: they cannot win an argument on facts (truth), or logic (reason), so they resort to using YOUR money to lie to you.

Some legacy indeed.
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