The Memory Of Self-Rule Is Fading Fast In Western Culture

This is the smoke before the fire. I am still baffled how the people have such short term memory and total ignorance of history. 

It would seem that only half of the population of Britain has any understanding of history or the failures of “globalism”, since a huge portion of the country still preferred to have unelected officials in Brussels call the shots. 

Why would anyone prefer anything besides self rule? That is what is at stake. Letting people who have no vested interest in your country, culture, heritage and history to dictate the terms of the operation of your country and borders. It’s mind boggling.

This is the very same subject of the US elections this year, whether we want to continue to bleed our country dry, and allow anyone and everyone access to our country, gaining all the benefits of citizenship with none of the sacrifice. 

Immigrants in all these nations, set up tent and begin demanding everything from money, housing, education and health care. They don’t need to pay into the system, nor learn the language, in fact requesting them to assimilate to our culture is considered racist. It is so out of control. 

One good thing that this mass migration has done, is show the snobby Europeans what the US has been facing for a century. 

It isn’t that we have no hearts and done feel sorry for the problems people face in central and south America, it’s just we must be able to take care of our own before we try saving the rest of the world. 

We are failing our citizens, and placing immigrants above our own population, that must end. 

In Europe, you have seen only a tiny portion of what America has faced, and clearly you don’t like it. Time we look inward, and do what is best for our nation’s before we try to make the “collective” happy. 

The EU must go, we already have NATO, a much more important Alliance, one that matters. But if countries refuse to spend on their own military and rely on the US, they should be dropped from NATO as well. 

Equal GDP spending on defense should be required, the US shouldn’t be relied on to carry the water for all these nations. 

Globalism has failed, and it doesn’t mean anything if the individual countries are failing from within. 



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