The Media Is Trying To Convince Us A Trump Election Would Be The End Of The World

Ah, here we go again with the Press trying to shape public opinion instead of just reporting the news. For instance, we all know that Clinton represents the Deep-State status quo and is also supportive of the continued mess in the Middle East North Africa (MENA).

While the idea of Trump taking the reigns of power leaves the Deep State wondering if they will be left out in the cold without a war economy and without an American-imperialism mandate.

The vested interests depend upon Clinton's corruption continuing on into the White House where and so she'll be easily manipulated and managed.

The Donald not so much. Which is why the media takes everything he says and distorts it into something they can attempt to scare the GDP (generally dumb public) with trying to have us believe that a Trump Presidency means the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI).

I'm not the biggest fan of Trump and can in no way identify with a billionaire New Yorker. But, the Press misses the truth about so many points. It's not just that Trump says the military is "gutted and worn out." IT IS compared to the past because that's exactly where the current Administration has forced it to be. Just look at the costs of the failed procurement policies (F-35, F-22 cancellation, cost overruns for the USS Ford & Kennedy, etc, etc.).

Or, compare our submarine fleet numbers to that of the combined strength of Russia and China. Consider also that since 2001 we have bankrupted our Nation while spending trillions for the continued failures in the MENA.

And who hasn't seriously wondered about the Purge under Obama, the Administration's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and about how a "video" caused Benghazi?

Furthermore, the DNC NEVER even mentioned terrorism in its first day. Nor would it fly the American flag! The Press overlooks that and also who it is that wants to import un-vetted jihadist by the plane load and no mention is made about how the Democrats want unlimited amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders.

The Press also conveniently ignores that the current Administration has DOUBLED THE NATIONAL DEBT to nearly $20 Trillion and gleefully supports a continuation of mass spending.

The Press even goes so far as to make the computer hack of the DNC into a Russia-Trump issue instead of the real issue being that the cheats in the party rigged the race for Clinton and worked against Sanders, even considering using his Jewish religion against him.

The Press blares out about and hammers down on Russian involvement upon the word of the Clinton campaign before the question could even be answered by the FBI - and it still hasn't been answered! THEY are ALL co-conspirators in what is the largest crime ever - a coup. I encourage you to view "Clinton Cash" on YouTube to discover the depths of treason and corruption.

We are in serious trouble.

To say Clinton would be a "calm, conventional commander-in-chief" is just plain laughable considering how her Secret Service detail admits that she is a psycho whackadoodle. Not that she swims in her pool naked like Biden does - oh the horror - but I digress.

Yes, Clinton hired some good speech writers for her acceptance speech, but if you listen to her off teleprompter (where she will even read aloud the word "sigh" - d'oh), she has all the charisma of a wet sandwich. She has ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS and she will merely be a puppet continuing the failed policies of her "mothership" (her word) the Council of Foreign Relations - yes, The ILLUMINATI CFR.

However, while Trump is not the consummate politician, he is an accomplished businessman who battled his way to the top in a very competitive market (New York) and he turned millions into a billion.

When the people of United States are watching the rich get richer and the poor poorer - where welfare is up over 40% under Obama, and where the former Atty. General, Holder takes a $77 million a year banking job instead of jailing bankers for the financial crisis - and where the status-quo politicians seem unconcerned with the steadily deteriorating state of affairs, the fact that Trump is maligned by all those wanting to keep the status quo gives me the hope that things could change for the better.

At least it's fun to see all those who support the rigged system twist like pretzels trying to undo the Donald.

Take our schools, roads, bridges and airports. It IS TEOTWAWKI for our infrastructure. The GDP is going to wake up one day to find that their Social Security checks bounced because the Nation is broke.

When the financial collapse comes, there will be just enough illegal aliens to riot and loot which will give Government all the reason it needs to declare martial law. And before we get there, Clinton will have expanded the role of the UN already policing our cities, as well as have outlawed anything more powerful than a bolt-action .22.

Clinton is the globalist elite's candidate who will not change the status quo. That's really all I need to know.

And I will take the risk of trying something different - if the Diebold voting machines allow it - because otherwise the Nation is in reality just a huge train wreck looking for a place to happen. And that's exactly what they want to happen so they can launch a global government for their so-called NWO.

So, NO! I ain't buying what you're selling.

I know you support the one-world order where the USA is a borderless wasteland and where your owner has robbed us of all of our wealth. Since the institution of the Federal Reserve in 1913 they have just about gutted US and with Clinton they will have their win.

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