The Media Consistently Ignore Democrat Corruption

The main reason the Republican party isn't as corrupt as the Democrats are is because the MSM has the Republicans under a magnifying glass all the time, looking for anything they are doing wrong.

Plus, a Republican administration would never be able to get away with using the IRS against the Democrats (just ask Richard Nixon) because the Democrats have infested the upper management positions in all of the fed gov agencies and they leak information to the Democrats or the MSM in order to derail the agenda of any Republican administration.

I've no doubt that if the MSM would turn a blind eye to the Republicans like they do the Democrats, some Republicans would act just like the Democrats.

But the MSM has always been in the tank for Democrats and so it will never happen.

No Republican Secretary of State would be able to use the email setup that Hillary used and have the MSM never mention it to the public.

The only time the MSM really do their job is when a Republican is POTUS.
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