The Many Other Crimes Illegal Immigrants Commit

Before an illegal alien receives his/her first paycheck or cash payment, they have committed some 26 Federal, State and Local laws.

1. They conspire to cross the border illegally. (1 count)
2. They hire a coyote or are provided passage by a Drug Cartel in exchange for guided passage into the USA. (1 count)
3. They cross the Border with a coyote and in many cases smuggle drugs. (1 count)
4. They travel, illegally, to their destination or to a destination determined by their “smuggler.” (1 count)
5. They obtain fraudulent documents via identity theft, or via manufactured documents….driver license, green card, social security card, birth certificate (each count a felony). (4 counts)

6. They look for work using these documents. (1 count)
7. They fill out work documents falsely, i.e., Federal and State IRS forms, SSN forms, Immigration forms, Workers comp. forms (each a separate felony. (6 counts)
8. They drive on our roads without a legal license, registration, insurance. (3 counts)
9. They get paid via check or under the table, thus conspiring with the employer to defraud the government(s) via the use of false documents. (2 counts)
10. They open bank accounts via the use of false documents in violation of Federal Law and the Patriot Act. (2 counts)
11. They obtain housing via the use of false documents. (1 count)
12. They obtain a car or truck via the use of false documents. (1 count)
13. They obtain healthcare via the use of false documents. (1 count)
14. They secure public service benefits via the use of false documents – food, housing, healthcare, etc. (3 + counts)

At a minimum this list shows that they commit at least 28 crimes of identity theft, conspiracy, obtaining false documents making false statements, fraud, violation of Federal and State and Local laws, etc.


They are not simply in violation of our laws, just for crossing the Border, they are in violation for multiple misdemeanor and criminal acts in just a very short period of time. And they continue to compound their violations, over time, via falsification of documents, false statements, perjury and the list goes on.
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