The Left Has Not Been Defeated

the isms aren't defeated

Socialism, progressivism, leftism, feminism, globalism, climatism, etc., none of the "isms" will ever be defeated, as this article implies.

In fact, the ideologies and forces that we identify with the "left" have been around for thousands of years and will never be vanquished, because they spring from the most fundamental and strongest human need -- the need for security. 

It is actually those on the "right," as we characterize philosophy and politics nowadays -- those who cherish freedom above security -- who are more at risk of being swept away because they are, always have been and always will be in the minority.

The masses, when given the choice, will usually opt for security over freedom, and will even surrender theirs and they neighbor's freedom if convinced that that is necessary to preserve their security.

Yes, Trump is amazing and, yes, the Democrats are in retreat. But four years from now, other than some tweaking to Obamacare, a modest reduction in corporate income taxes, a slightly tougher immigration policy and a few new, less lopsided trade deals, things will return to "normal."

Democrats will be back, half the population will once again vote for them, and whether they win or not will depend on persons we've not yet heard of and things we can't foresee. But, win or lose, they will not go away, ever.

Sixteen years ago, the press was reporting that the Republicans had achieved permanent majority status in Washington. Eight years ago, the press was predicting the end of the Republican Party. Now the pendulum as swung back again.

But what can't be denied is that, with every swing, the federal government grows more powerful, the U.S. becomes more socialist and the demands of the Left become more extreme.

Neither the brash Donald Trump nor the timid Republicans in Congress is going to change that.

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