The Hour Is Late. Can America Be Saved?

As a “navy brat” I grew up overseas, four years in Spain and Italy, and then four years spread in New Jersey and Massachusetts, and my dad was put out, so I had a solid grasp of the world at seven.

The Hour Is Late Can America Be Saved

The concept of “capitalism” was firm, sound in foundation, I knew the constitution backwards and forwards, and understood how it was written.

The blood spilled to bring it to fruition, and fully understood, our rights were not produced or even defended by my parent’s generation, but by the two previous to theirs, and impossible, except that our forefathers were unable to withstand any more, and chose to rise, in the face of certain failure, and live free or die.


I am constantly offended by the never failing reference to Nixon, every time there is a government scandal, and the constant suggesting we had the most egregious scandal in 71-74 time-frame, and all those in between have been miniscule.

I lived my teen years through that Nixon/Agnew scandal, and by far the worst of it was the fact Agnew had done sufficient, and was sufficiently lacking in honor, he resigned rather than face the charges, and pay the consequences.

I’ve never believed “Watergate” was about “democrat plans and election”, as such things are common, repeated, and based on the standards and “principles” of those running, and their party. To break in as was done had to be for a significant purpose, and given the ever more clearly complete take over of the democrats by socialists, and hiding “communists”, littered in our nation during the cold war, and yet never experiencing the utter failure of their ideas, for never living in them, being installed in America, they still believe in communism, while the descendants of those who worked the infiltration and installing, learned socialism can’t ever function in man, by sixty years of pure, unadulterated experience, no different than our own “Mayflower Compact”, began the colony in socialist contract, expressly for the best of all, and having lost half the people in two years, chose the second winter, to establish plots, owned by individuals, and the establishment of capitalism, as their way forward.

I have long concluded Nixon was looking for iron clad evidence of the undermining of our Nation and in particular, the government, with the evidence of the known infiltration of the communists in hand for his re-election. I suggest the fact they failed to find “a smoking gun” is because the evidence was well hidden, and the operation a failure, or it would have been “the Watergate investigation, showing the treason in government”, not a presidential failure.

Because of the crimes, I certainly had to support the prosecuting, despite the fact it was clearly partisan in every way, with the media taking a 30 degree turn further left, and the last of honest media leaving. I would suggest that moment was the assuming control of the republican party by those in government who he was looking for, and the beginning of our “one party elections”, clear and obvious to anyone standing outside, and noting those on the left, stand on the premises indoctrinated by socialist and communist professors, in college, suggesting only they can provide ideas that can be considered “progress” in the big picture, while stating the right is standing on “old ways, built around racism, corporate cronyism, and white elitism”, when the fact is, the right has always stood, in the end, on the constitution, the simple idea of “government constrained by the rule of law, established by the consent of all the governed”.

Watergate was a major scandal, but not close to the “Teapot Dome” scandal, and by no means equal to the first half dozen of GHW Bush’s “read my lips”, nor those of every act of the Clintons, from Arkansas, all the way through their twin careers into the White House.

Every act taken by Clinton was calculated against founding principle, and for the destruction of our republic, and we had no idea “two for the price of one”, suggested as being a “great package deal”, meant we got two of the most criminal, scandal laden, just plain low life people, that ever even looked at the White House, and both would be party to stealing the White House accoutrements, as they left.

The most scandalous issue to take place during “Watergate” was not the crime its self, but the choice of the media to finally block out the last real reporters, and end news, going completely propaganda.

The issue was perfect, the man was exactly right, and we haven’t had an iota of support for America, the republic, from anyplace but Veterans and first generation immigrants from Europe, such as my Polish “civics teacher” in seventh grade, who shared his deep and abiding love of the very idea of “constitution”, rule of law over government, and the beauty of “a sovereign People”, allowing government to rule, but holding its feet to the fire, because We, The People are Sovereign.

He also taught, along with my Scout leaders, being a citizen is not just the best thing to be in the world, but to be one means having to carry the weight of responsibility for maintaining “the law over government”, even if it means rising against it and dying, to make it keep its place.

We have had a crony corporatist system in place since the war between the states, and while a de facto “northerner”, I stand firm on that description, ours was a voluntary union, and if that war was just, then we were in the wrong all the time we demanded Russia allow its satellites the freedom to choose.

When our war was over, we should have established our new culture and corresponding community firmly on the exacting foundation of our Declaration of independence, and statement of “the natural rights of man”, the failure which meant that war was always waiting, and would have to be traversed.

Instead, crony corporatism assumed lead role in “reconstruction”, and we entered the 20th century with a fascist government, already dis-assembling the party process, and establishing money as the primary factor determining our future ways of government and control of the direction of our nation.

While I was operating off the coast of Africa, securing the feeding of “people” and fending off the “Warlords” from the Army as a Marine, I watched Washington deliberately foment terrorists in Afghanistan, against Russia, defending its self against the terrorism we hadn’t felt yet, and knew I would be going in there after we had made it too expensive for Russia to continue.
As Marine, I watched for most of my career, a completely criminal in international terms, way of operating out of D.C. which was unaffected by party and only individuals protested, and fought against crimes against our own laws, in the making of terrorists, to keep the mid-east roiled up, a crime in and of its self.

I began my fight with the central not federal government with my first letter to congress, in 71, an English assignment given to every freshman in my high school. I was so incensed with the arrogance of the replies from two senators and my representative, I’ve been writing and calling constantly ever since.

I’m in my fifth decade of resistance and fighting a criminal central government, and I see fewer with me than at any other time in my life.

I know “the bolsheviks” took great efforts to break American Capitalism, because they believed it alone, stood in their way, and some at least, truly believed “socialism/communism” was good, fair, and intended to better their people”. Most knew it was merely a tool to break the solidarity and thus strength of the Peasant uprising, and use them to get into power. It was they who intended to rule the world, and bring America down by communist failure, to do so.

“They” are gone, dead, changed, our underground, yet Obama was completely dependent on “operating in conjunction with them”, as he stated to Medvedev, “I can do more once I’m elected”, and getting a puzzled look back.

He, Obama, has gone forward with the plan just as those installers and guiding lives have kept him in line, still believing, because the decadence of America is such, everyone is waiting to see us collapse, and only the enormous advantage of capitalism and independent living has allowed our form to continue long after other forms have fallen from the same causes.

We don’t have a government under law, in fact, “We, America, don’t have a government” anymore, but the established fascist government of Washington is currently ruling America by brute force and blunt objects.

As a “navy brat”, still a “Oath Keeping Scout”, an “Oath Keeping Marine” and by my own consideration, a “true Sovereign Citizen”, I see a fascist government ruling over a complacent citizenry, willing to allow the depredations levied on other nations to keep our status and standing, as long as we continue to live in the relatively enormous wealth never imagined by our predecessors, and we are only now getting worked up because the vise has reached the point it squeezes the average citizen, and not just those extraordinary, who have always been impacted by abusive government, because they won’t just shut up and deal with it, but stand on principle, and declare the naked condition of the emperor.

Washington, and thus The United States, has been fomenting the wars in the middle east with deliberate intent, and we are shortly going to reap what we have sown for all the years since 46.

I get my news from a dozen different nations, always looking at nations on the sidelines, and not with a dog in the fight. We have been “The Bully”, when we broke the iron curtain, we chose to deal with Russia as a competitive force, an opponent, not enemy, and by this, we both grew in both power and reliable responses to external influences.

We treated with them stating we would not try to form a united Europe against them, yet the moment we could, we began collecting Poland and all the others, to join NATO, when in truth, it should have been Russia invited, and its purpose expanded to defend all of Europe, with far less need for us, and Russia accepted as a major partner.

Washington has vamped all the instigation, they intend to rule, and would have it come to fruition via the U.N. Most of the world has recognized any central government will be imposed, and can’t, by definition be, “representative”, nor by any way or means, “good government for all”, that would require all people to need and desire the same exact life and way, and that is clearly not true.

If we chose to compete against Russia, and China as they are building up capitalized international banks to end our theft, the competition would increase all the nations of the world, as all would be involved in the massive trade expansion, and people who trade together learn each others foibles, and soon begin to be “family”, and the connections of differing cultures become ties which bind together, and can become law and principle.

If we don’t, it is because we’ve allowed our oligarchs to compete in our stead, and as such, they will bring out their equals in what will be real, true enemies, something they aren’t yet, but we can make happen simply continuing to let Washington operate freely.

We can have our Republic back, but only if “The American People” choose to have it back and decide to be “sovereign citizens” again, and take our own authority back in our own hands.

Semper Fidelis,
John McClain
GySgt, USMC, ret.
Vanceboro, NC



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