The GOP's Choice: Support Trump Or Face Extinction

All this is great news of course but only if Trump wins, otherwise all it will mean is a felon was elected to the White House. I want to know this as well why aren't the Republican establishment and Never-Trump people fighting like crazy right now to keep this convict out of the White House?

Trump makes a vulgar comment on a bus and prominent Republicans are either asking him to step aside or withdrawing their endorsement. She has broken the law and created a racketeering operation while SOS and the silence from Never-Trump and Republican establishment is deafening.

At this point Trump should be getting 100% Republican votes and if he does not I will blame Never-Trump and it will be the end of the Republican party. I mean I was listening to Ryan the other day on Fox and all he kept talking about was electing down ballot Republicans. It’s like the last 8 years have not mattered to the Republican leadership no more.

I voted straight party line this election, but if Trump losses I will stop being a Republican and start a 3rd party.

I am just one guy but enough is enough. And if Never-Trump celebrates a Republican victory in either the House or Senate and a Trump defeat (George Will) I have bad news for you, millions of people like myself will be finding someone else (Never-Republican) to vote for come 2018.
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