The Fundamental Transformation Is Under Way

1). If you think people entering our country should follow the rules, you're now 'Anti-Immigrant' and 'Racist'.

2). If you think marriage should be between one man and one woman, you're now 'Homophobic' and a 'Hater'.

3). Everyone must buy 'approved' Health Insurance (from a for-profit company) or pay a Federal tax/penalty/fee. If you want poor people to die.

4). Scientific opinions you agree with are now referred to as 'settled science'. If you think Global Warming/Climate Change/Green Energy is a scam, you're now a 'Science Denier'.

5). Oil, Coal and Natural Gas are now 'dirty' sources of energy. Anyone who disagrees...wants to destroy the planet.

6). In 2008, expanding the US debt was "unpatriotic". Since then, the US debt has doubled.

7). Over 90 Million Americans are not in the work force, that's the lowest Labor Participation rate since 1978.

8). American incomes are shrinking.

9). The US military is now smaller than at any time since the end of World War II.

10). Nuns are now forced to offer birth control...or be punished.

11). The Islamic State, isn't Islamic.

12). It's all Israel's fault there isn't peace in the Middle East.

13). Iran (the world's largest state-sponsor of terrorism) will be allowed to have a nuclear program. Cause that's 'fair'.

14). Khaddafi overthrown - terrorists now control Libya. Check.

15). Our relationship with Russia has been 'reset'. Now they invade their neighbors and we don't do anything.

16). The Muslim Brotherhood (the parent organization of Al-Qaeda) are now 'Reformers' -- and they advise our Government. How times have changed.

17). If you make fun of anyone who's not; White, Christian, Fat, Gun-Owner, Smoker or Conservative -- you're guilty of 'Hate Speech'.

18). The cops are racist -- even if the evidence proves they're not.

19). The biggest internal threat to our homeland is now Christian Fundamentalists, Veterans and Militia Groups. Muslims are no longer a concern. Allahu Akbar.

20). If you're in charge - you can now use the IRS to attack your political opponents.

21). During Government shutdowns, citizens are now prohibited from using open air memorials and cemeteries. The Government will spend as much money as it takes to prevent you from using your parks -- even if they don't have enough money to open them.

22). Rodeo Clowns are no longer allowed to wear masks that resemble politicians. Cause that's offensive.

23). If the Government thinks you're wrong, they can now kill your cows and bury them in the desert.

24). The President only has to 'say' he signed an Executive Order (even if he didn't) and everyone just does what he tells them to. Like a king does.

25). There's no more war or homelessness. When was the last time you saw an anti-war or homeless protest?

26). You can't keep your health care plan...or your doctor. But you'll get used to it.

27). We DO negotiate with terrorists now. We traded 5 Terrorist Generals for 1 Traitor Sergeant.

28). We 'plan' on being invaded every year, it's in the budget.

29). Illegal-aliens are now a higher priority than our Veterans.

30). The FCC just declared the Internet to be a Public Utility, they intend on 'highly regulating' it. Out of all the insane things we're gonna see as this Fundamental Transformation unfolds, THIS is probably the only thing that will end up getting peoples' attention. That's sad.

Note: Each item on this list is demonstrably provable.
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