The Free Market Is The Alternative to ObamaCare

Yes, but we need the immigration fixed and a whole lot more, like the end of Obamacare, and Trump has expressed a demand for single-payer healthcare in America. I suspect it is because his business holdings involve the stupid laws of all 50 states' healthcare mandates.

The solution should always have been to terminate states' mandates and open insurance to any underwriter anywhere in America (maybe even in the world).

Democrats say that the private sector failed healthcare, so it's time for a government takeover. The fact is that government mandates never did allow free market forces to succeed.

Also, employer sponsored health insurance plans should have been privatized. Employers don't get involved in our car and home insurance, so why the heck do they have to get involved in our healthcare?

Indeed, the only reason employers did get involved in healthcare is because of government wage caps back in the day! In order to attract and keep the best employees, companies had to offer more than a better wage, so they started offering non-wage benefits.

Government interference is responsible for all our economic woes. And I don't see Trump championing the shrinking of government. We need the border sealed, but we need to stop the hemorrhaging of out of control government spending, too.



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