The Fascist Left And Their Politically Correct Bigotry

"Leftists have always been fascists, you just find it hard to believe because all your life academics and other elitist liars have been telling you fascists are right-wing."

How true. Many examples spring to mind, but I'll give one that demonstrates the point well enough. The last time that the former EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, was interviewed on the Anti-British Broadcasting Corporation by Andrew Neil, Neil pushed him, claiming that his politics was the politics of the Communist street thug.

Of course, on the same show, Neil interviewed former Home Secretary, Lord Reid of Cardowan, who himself is a former member of the Young Communist League, but not a word of it was mentioned. It never is.

But that's alright, isn't it? Labour is packed to the rafters with 'former' Communists, and, despite the veritable ocean of blood left by that movement in the last century, they're never pulled up on it.

Why not?

Why should the default setting be that if you're on the Right, then you're somehow a jackboot wearing nutter, whereas if you're on the Left, your morals are as pure as the driven snow?

The simple answer is that it's the Left that dictates the narrative, with luvvies infesting just about every newsroom, and a National Union of Journalists whose document 'Updated NUJ race reporting guidelines and EFJ manifesto' - read it here:

is a tour de force in politically correct bigotry, which is peppered with the notion - no, assertion - that far-right = racist, an infantile claim that has been gobbled up hook, line and sinker by most, though increasingly fewer, members of the population.

With people like that dominating most of our media and universities, it's no wonder that most people still do find it hard to believe that the Left could be anything but the epitome of goodness and kindness, and the Right is the Devil incarnate.
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