The EU's Demise Is A Major Setback For Globalists

The extinction of this destroyer of countries and lives, known as the EU, can't come soon enough.

After its death, it will take DECADES to recover and there will be much financial suffering of the 'ordinary' people as most of the billions paid in has been siphoned off and pocketed by the self-appointed elite...which is what it was all about to begin with.

It will be seen as a triumph of the people over the New World Order, but we will have to pay the price and suffer the pain, as we always do, as no one has the balls to drag these people, from Blair to Juncker to Merkel to Hollande in front of the courts to face charges for their extortion, corruption and downright folly of open borders for all...INCLUDING terrorists and other murderers intent on destroying individual lives and our general way of life, which might not be perfect, but it is none of their business.

As other EU member countries wake up to the corruption of the EU and their plans to LEAVE accelerate at breakneck speed, Britain can take small comfort that we are already ahead of the game and are well underway rebuilding life after the EU, which is ALREADY proving that LEAVING was MOST DEFINITELY the right thing to do.'
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