The Establishment Has No Idea How Wealth Is Created

The establishment "economists" never seem to come up with any other idea than re-building the infrastructure as a way to boost an economy.

One must remember that, although a good infrastructure is essential to a thriving economy, it doesn't in any way actually create wealth. The creation of wealth seems to be beyond the mental capacity of the "establishment" types.

The responsibility of the government, besides protecting national borders and providing and defending reasonable laws protecting our God given rights, is to create an environment for the people to actually create wealth.

The federal government and many states actually have become impediments for citizens to create wealth and be left alone to do so. The federal government has been remarkably effective at buggering up the free market that one really can't know the true cost of anything.

In addition, the welfare state has had a disastrous impact on the soul of the nation. In fact, it may not ever recover its once broad industriousness without a major civil collapse.

Any writer who actually suggests that a Hillary presidency would be a good thing, loses all credibility.

We are presently living in a third world style country where laws apply only to some, but not favored others, where it's a matter of who you know and who you pay off that gets you the deal, not competency or real value.

Hillary and her sort-of husband Bill are the epitome of third world corruption, with Obama now into the same game, have done incalculable damage to our nations fabric, and yet they get so much support for more of the same.

I suppose history, or even present situations such as Venezuela or Argentina, teach us nothing. These were both once thriving, rich countries in fabulous natural resources, all squandered by corruption and fascist ideology.

We too will be there soon enough.
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