The Enemy Has Set Down Roots

The problem is that the border patrol will turn their weapons on any militia group who tries to stop these invaders. Most groups come in led by coyotes armed with assault rifles and the border patrol stands down. If Trump gets elected and sticks to his word about building a wall, there will be an armed conflict. 

That is the reality. Most politicians know this and are afraid of dealing with it. Should we allow this to happen because we will be attacked by Mexico? Hardly. Get ready for attacks from within our country.

They will not give up their free gravy train easily, but it must be dealt with. Otherwise, we will be ruled by more corrupt politicians who are under the control of the cartels. California, Arizona and New Mexico have Mexican politicians already in place.

Look up Raul Grajalva of New Mexico. He used the EPA to pass environmental legislation that makes about 90% of the New Mexico border, which is a major smuggling route for the Sinaloa cartel, off limits to the border patrol for environmental reasons.

The Felix Arrellano cartel of Tijuana has claimed interstate 8 as the new border -- some 30 miles in. The United States Department of Homeland Security has effectively given vast tracts of land to Mexican cartels and they are not going to give up easily, but it must be reclaimed.

Americans need to prepare for the backlash rather than give up like little lambs. Muslims will take advantage of the situation, not to mention the gangs that are deeply embedded into our society.

Americans are asleep and the enemy has set down roots. Liberals who choose to rely on the authorities to protect them, while welcoming more invaders, are not only asleep...they are dreaming.
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