The DNC Made Sure Bernie Sanders Never Had A Chance

As I said when Bernie began his campaign, the decision has already been made by the DC Establishment that they want Hillary. Because they know, with Trump, that their gravy train will end.

And what happened? Bernie won Primary after Primary...yet Hillary won -- because she had already bought and paid for all the so-called Super Delegates.

Bernie lost before he ever said a word. 

And I'm no Bernie supporter but he's just an example and you watch, we'll watch with our own eyes how Trump will have full house events, massive support among the people and yet again, at the end, the Establishment will beg borrow and steal to get Hillary elected to keep themselves fat and happy, stealing the taxpayers money hand over fist.

Trump voters had better be prepared for the onslaught of the Clinton machine and their outlandish corruption, don't think your vote doesn't count or that voting is a waist of time, we need a mass turnout in order to offset the Illegal immigrant and deceased voter turnout that the Clinton's are known for so well.

To the Clintons, we are nothing but garbage, a tool to get in the Whitehouse so she can declare America a global initiative as opposed to a sovereign nation. Think it's a conspiracy theory, that's what Hillary will tell you, everybody's ALWAYS been out to get her - in her mind.
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