The Democrats' Reaction To Trump's Victory Is Inexcusable

I was a Democrat for many years, but the more I saw of their corruption, the less I wanted anything to do with their party!

I'm especially glad that I'm not a democrat now!! The whole world sees just how bad the Democrats/Liberals are!!! 

The immaturity of the party is beyond imagination, with their;

- Rioting
- Looting
- Burning businesses
- Attacking, and even KILLING people who voted for Trump
- Rigging the primary and trying to rig the election
- Allowing illegals to vote
- Whining, crying, needing a safe space, teddy bear or puppy
- Unable to take exams
- Refusing to acknowledge their loss
- Spreading half truths and lies
- Intimidating performers who were going to perform at the inauguration
- Attacking actors who DARED to disagree with their attacks on Trump
- Insulting anyone who DARES to disagree with them
- Calling for martial law
- Insulting Trump and Pence from their lofty positions of stardom - Being anti-Constitution and anti-American

They even had the gall to want the electoral college done away with after Hillary lost, when SHE said "Trump not accepting the results of an election is a “direct threat to our democracy.”

Talk about HYPOCRISY!!!
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