The Democrats Lost Because Of Stupid Progressive Policies

The Democrat's hand picked candidate had the backing of the entire Democratic Party, Hollywood, Wall Street and Silicone Valley. She had and spent four times as much money as Trump on advertising. She had an awesome ground game and the main stream media cheered her on, downplayed her faults and attacked her opponent unmercifully.

Trump was deeply unpopular, he insulted huge blocks of the electorate and the punditry said Hillary would win in a landslide and Trump would destroy the GOP costing them the Senate and maybe even the house. Well we all know how that worked out.

What Dionne, Obama, Clinton and the entire Democratic establishment fail to understand that what caused them to lose was not their candidate, nor their messaging it was their policies that killed them.

It was Obamacare, it was open borders, it was one sided trade deals it was speech control through political correctness that gratuitously labeled anyone opposed to Obama a racist, anyone opposed to Clinton a sexist and anyone opposed to open borders and aggressive immigration of immigrants from Muslim majority lawless states like Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Somali as Islamophobes.

Can you imagine if Trump had the sunny personality and congenial disposition of a Ronald Reagan while pushing the same policies? He would have won 40 rather than 32 states.
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