The Democrat Party Has No Substance, No Vision And No Plan

Democrats Are In Disarray

My eye sight is just fine and it seems you never saw it coming. You ignored the rest of the country and how they felt about Hillary and Obama. Socialism has died on the vine.

Prepare yourself for some independence, self-reliance, self-sufficiency. Prepare yourself to see America move forward, with you or without you.

Prepare yourself to be part of the solution to making America great or just part of the problem by being an obstructionist. So far you have lost any credibility as a Party.

You did not provide a formidable candidate and your party is splintered and divided on every issue. You can't hold a consensus on any new candidate -- and the ones you try to sneak in have their own agenda. Like Keith Ellison, who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Louis Farrakhan.

You have mouth pieces like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who continue to bring your party down to its lowest level in centuries.

At some point your party will dissolve into a radical left wing clan of dissenters and hooligans. Your party will never regain its reputation.

The Democrat party is decaying and becoming a party without relevance. It's a party that lacks substance, a party without vision and a party without a plan.
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