The Deep State's Web Of Corruption Is Spun Globally

Deep_State Goes Global

It was reported January that one of Obama's last executive orders included dissemination of NSA intelligence without restrictions of personally identifiable information? How is that not front and center in this discussion?

How can so many unambiguous statements be contrary to common sense and be refuted days or hours later and it not be concluded that EVERYONE involved is a fearless liar. 

Our intelligence agencies have worked tirelessly to obtain every scrap of information by any means necessary. They develop tools and strategy to dominate the field of disinformation and subvert any check on their power.

They have determined for themselves that oversight is a threat to national security and the constitution is only one document among billions they can consider when deciding how to implement their secret goals.

Wikileaks has exposed that some of the most powerful and dangerous tools, including the vulnerabilities of every aspect of our technological society, have been distributed to thousands of "employees" in an unclassified manner -- deliberately to protect them from oversight and prosecution.

Among the pet projects of our secret services is spying on everyone they aren't supposed to, how to murder people with their own cars and how to make it look like someone else is responsible for any crime they feel like committing in our names.

This is the tyrannical government we were warned about, now in the hands of the worst monsters in history who are trying to take the project global.

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