The Corrupt Aren't Lawyers

It is an offensive term, to me that you could call barack hussein obama, william jefferson clinton or clinton ii lawyers. They are not actual lawyers.

Lawyers are officers of the court and actually know the law. I've heard from Chicago lawyers that barack hussein obama failed the Bar 3 or 4 times, that the firm he worked at gave him small time clients before politicians gave him ACORN and he worked for a time without a law license.

The Clintons know criminal law. They've come to learn criminal law, anyway because their criminal application of the law has made it necessary to understand it intimately.

Clinton had his law license suspended as a result of his sexual harassment charges. No, his impeachment wasn't successful but that's only because republicans capitulated and allowed him to take a deal that included fines and loss of his license, for I believe was about 3 or 5 years. I think it was 5.

There's no way I'd call any of these people lawyers. They're scofflaws, not friends of the court and not positive officers thereof.

Just waiting for the democrats in conservative clothing to whine a little as clinton ii is allowed a misdemeanor deal that doesn't disqualify her from office.

Don't trust the democrats but you know where they're coming from but these left wing-lite republicrats lie and say they're conservatives. They're on the same side as the rest of the corrupt career politicians.

You're right about the corrupt judiciary! It's disappointing how this body is so politicized and corrupt, devoid of any semblance of Constitutionality. I know a hundred lawyers that would have gotten these decisions right and this is who we have on the bench?

We're appointing them based, first, based on what kind of ideologue they are, second their race or gender? That's insane! Supreme court justices can be impeached, also!

Get rid of corruption in Congress, the judiciary and the White House! Cowards don't act! Start the impeachment procedures!
Vote Ted Cruz!



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