The Clintons Have No One Left To Lie To

Hilary Clinton is evil incarnate. The Clintons and worse than that, the malignant cancer that is Clintonism have destroyed the Democratic Party, like a parasite that eventually consumes it host.

In 1992, they started a new strategy, to simply brazen out each one of their scandals, none of which were "manufactured" by their enemies, but by the Clintons themselves, who have been a tag-team scandal manufactory for more than thirty years.

While many politicians are financially corrupt, few have ever turned politics into such a great windfall in such a short time. Not long ago they were "dead broke." But it isn't just finances.

The Clintons are politically corrupt as well as patriotically corrupt, willing to sell out American technology to the Chinese in the 1990s and now the tatters of its race relations by embracing the urban terrorists that are Black Lives Matter - all in the hopes of retaining black votes, while they sell their nation down the river.

Under Mrs. Clinton's supervision, each woman who told the truth about her philandering and abusive husband was branded "trailer trash," a nut or a slut. Their infamous "Bimbo Eruptions" and the "Nuts and Sluts" defense. Some feminist, isn't she?

Monica Lewinsky was going to be destroyed by the cellar dwellers of Team Clinton as a delusional nut case, that is until the cigar-poking man of the Oval/Oral Office left his Orval Fabus autograph edition Arkansas joy juice on that blue dress.

Each time a scandal broke - Mrs. Wall Street Journal's cattle futures trading, Whitewater, her well-traveled billing records or the trashed, bashed and charged employees of the Travel Office, it turned out that everyone else was lying and only the beleaguered Clintons were being truthful.

And the fact that evidence against them disappears and justice is obstructed so often is coincidental, as is the fact that so many of her compatriots end up in prison.

The Clintons are now filthy rich. How? They have never opened a company, invented a product or even sold their old underwear and their stolen� White House items on e-Bay, but they are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and billions of dollars have been laundered through their slush fund/foundation.

For four years the conga line of miscreants from the Clinton Crime Foundation ran the State Department as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation, putting American policy up for sale and its secrets at risk. They are rich because Mrs. Clinton sold her office for four years and then took down payments on her Presidency.

There is good reason that perhaps the best brief book on the Clintons was written by a leftist, Christopher Hitchens and was titled "No One Left to Lie To," from the impeachment speech by a Democratic Chief Investigative Counsel David Shippers:

"The President, then, has lied under oath in a civil deposition, lied under oath in a criminal grand jury. He lied to the people, he lied to his Cabinet, he lied to his top aides, and now he's lied under oath to the Congress of the United States. There's no one left to lie to." The Clintons lie even when they don't have to, it is always their and their minions first instinct and that is why they lied about her health on September 11th and are still lying about it. She is a sick woman, but her greatest illness is her desiccated, shrunken soul.
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