The Clintons Dirty Dealings Have Infected Our Politics

We all - every single one of us - know the truth now. Even democrats know exactly who these two grifters from Arkansas are. They have been making themselves obscenely rich by lying, by cheating, by obfuscation, by skirting the law - in fact, they have turned American politics upside down with their dirty-dealings.

The problem is this: they have had so much help along the way be it direct or indirect that it is almost impossible to predict that either of them will pay for their 'selling-out' of America.

They have judges in their back-pockets, they have the DOJ in their back-pockets (who really believes the meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton was a 'coincidence' - come on folks!) and they have the filthy media in their back-pockets in the form of all the alphabet networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the cables, CNN and MSNBC.

All of these corrupt "news" networks help and assist The Clintons by NOT reporting on their crimes. That my friends, is called 'aiding and abetting'.

How can anyone believe that George Stephanopoulos who is given $15M a year by ABC to be a 'news anchor' could be fair and impartial? Give me a f*cking break. This guy has been licking the Clintons' rear ends since the early 90s, first helping them win the WH and then working IN the WH.

America is at a turning point. The People have finally had enough and I predict if Clinton wins this The People may just have a very very strong response.

If Trump wins there needs to be a HUGE PURGE, including the likes of Stephy and all the other LIARS who pose as 'journalists'. There also needs to be the final dismantling of the most vile, corrupt snakes in American history, Bill and Hillary Clinton.
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