The 2016 Election Might Be Our Last Chance To Shake Things Up

I'm not a Trump fan, but I see some merit in shaking things up. Clinton's campaign is based on shamelessly exploiting a gender card, beating a drum about racism and sexism, and then painting a target on Trump and saying he's very sexist and racist.

Sure, he says things that often cross the line, but neither he nor his supporters have said anything so viscerally atrocious that she could use it in an ad without intentionally removing context. 

So, the solution? As we've learned from Wikileaks, they hired people to incite violence at Trump rallies. 

They hired other people to pose as Trump supporters online and had them post horribly offensive things, like the suggestion we repeal the 19th Amendment.

In the absence of any genuinely powerful racism/sexism, the answer for Clinton has been to literally invent it from whole cloth so she'd have something on which to shine a light and then attack, pretending she was attacking an enemy instead of a fiction she'd created.

It really is quite sad that much of the nation is now getting carried away with the thought they're attacking giants when they're really just tilting at windmills.
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