Terrorism and Tourism

"We need Americans, we need Europeans." Actions speak louder than words. Little more than a century ago Christians were 20% of the population in Turkey.

After decades of genocides, persecutions, and turning churches into mosques, the Christian population is less than 1%. With Erdogan denying the Armenian Genocide and praising Nazi Germany, is it any wonder Americans and Europeans are removing this historic nation from their travel lists?

Terror attacks are happening multiple times a year and the country is moving away from secular rule towards Islamic rule.

Turkey has been a conduit for economic support of ISIS, despite paying lip service to opposition. Sadly, this open embrace of oppressive Islam has made once safe tourist havens such as Lebanon and Egypt unappealing and even dangerous for Western travelers.

If Middle Eastern countries desire our tourist dollars, they ought to treat non-Muslims with respect, prosecute extremists, stop their hateful rhetoric against Israel, end business dealings with ISIS (especially purchasing their oil), and realize the horror of the persecutions they have either sponsored or ignored.

Unfortunately for their citizenry, their actions have bought the presence of Islamic terrorists and the absence of Western tourists.
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