Technocratic Elite Refuse To Learn From History

I think that young men in the United States after the turn of the century studying for what ultimately proved a most useful degree - Engineering - had made the decision to abandon the Humanities side of academia because, in part, it betrayed them.

The humanities have seemingly devolved into an echo chamber for reverberating, un-evolving Leftist ideas - including what some have called a "war on boys". An upheaval of the first order of old notions of family and patriarchy--a transformation that happened all the more easily, it must be noted, in booming economic cities that began to have little time and even less patience for the old religiosity of their grandparents.

The allure of computers - games and communication that were intoxicatingly novel and even felt a bit subversive for the first two decades of early personal computing - won over part of an entire male generation. (What's up, a good chunk of Reddit).

But the study of science and technology, sophisticated in the 21st Century as it has become, has tended to neglect classical history, philosophy, and the arts. On the contrary, much of modern academic orthodoxy outwardly rejects classical education as irredeemably tainted by the countless sins of its forerunners.

Our new technocratic elite - Musk, Bezos, Zuckerberg, etc. - have cultivated instead a faith in science and their ability to use it for good that [in my humble estimation] rivals some of the most fervent beliefs held in past religious ages (Seventeenth century England comes to mind).

But their firmly held beliefs neglect anything approaching a studied understanding of how men in their position in the past, with equally unshakable confidence in their cause, have made what ultimately proved to be catastrophic decisions.

As a result, we observe in Silicon Valley an emerging, and to some, disturbing, willingness to casually disregard the Old World Order, a legacy of history that they didn't know, but heard time and time again over the course of their lives was a stark legacy of exploitation and ruin.

History itself is full enough of well (even casually) documented atrocity to support these claims. But the old order - a Byzantine network of global political intrigue across generations, right on back to when there were networks of political intrigue in the crumbling Byzantine Empire, and right on back through Rome, Greece, and Sumeria (did you know that a ton of the Old Testament is a 'best of' compilation of Sumerian myths? Fun fact!).

We still live in that same world, with the unrelenting momentum of those events still pushing us in one direction or another.

Our technocrats, lured in youth by technology and abandoned by leftist feminist academia, have largely failed anything approaching traditions of classical education or once-held academic, moral, or ethical virtues.

And, now that they have fallen into the vortex of 21st Century high-tech, high-finance Washington politics, it seems that their power and influence is to be lent willingly to a political machine increasingly driven to desperation and frantic appeals for control as further evidence of its casual corruption and disregard for both custom and law have been revealed, and one many of us fear will not shirk from violence or lawlessness.
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