Soros Funds Progressive Anarchists Attempted Coup

When one drills down into an analysis of the liberal left what one finds out is that they are so short on numbers that they have to multiply themselves by making lots of noise, being highly mobile, and shoring themselves up with a wide variety of phony add-on voters.

They also keep altering their associated group names. ACORN was one of their earlier emanations but that has evolved into many other iterations now. Soros money (and a few others) acts to magnify the size far beyond what they really are in real life.

These election protestors are not genuine protests at all. They rode into position on buses which were undoubtedly paid for by a money source that has it's roots upstairs within the Soros realm. His underhanded political activities are nothing less than a treasonous coup attempt, with tons of "incitement to riot" thrown in as a kicker.

We need to either charge him with his serious crimes here or mail him to Vladimir's house. It will be interesting to see if DJT will kick some asses in the CIA about this guy and his fellow travelers. The unseating of the BO crew there is an early "MUST".
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