Someone Tell Colin Kaepernick Self-Identification Is A Double-Edged Sword

What he is not entitled to is to be free from consequences of his opinion. Now the 49'er organization is perfectly within its rights to take action. The first amendment pertains to what can be loosely called "the public domain". The folks on this site can rain holy hell on his head. And many more are jumping in. But everyone doing so is exercising their 1st Amendment rights also.

All well and good but the change that has happened in the leftist transformation of the culture is that the criticism is now labeled "hate" and the push is to outlaw "hate".

And of course we all now know that this will be the shield that will be raised in his "honor". But what is of course neglected is that half of the country (approximately) feels that his very actions are "hateful". What about that?

If everything is going to be about self-identification then is not everyone's self-identification valid? And if not, why not? How is it that the one's yelling loudest about inequality are the one's who believe that only their identification of "hatred" is the only valid one?

And there it is my little SJW snowflakes. Because in reality your "self-identification" means as much as a cough in a windstorm. The real glue that holds societies together is not self-identification. It is really a myriad of things far beyond your personal feelings: respect, prudence, objectivity, and many other things that I am sure everyone on this site could supply.

And really you SJWs will eventually come to understand these things because, quite frankly if everyone in the world coughed or whined or shouted at the top of their lungs it would still not make a windstorm.
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