Sharia Is A Governmental Plan For The Entire World

People, please! Stop calling it Radical Islamic Terrorism. It's not.

It's Islamic doctrine. It is not radical, nor terrorism. It is is simply Islam, as written in the Quran. The living word of Allah, not the history, not the old testament, not advisory, but the up to date living, valid-for-all-time word of Allah.

In Christianity, the old testament is the history of God and His interactions with people. It is the history of Christianity, not marching orders valid for all time.

The new testament offers man a new salvation with God, a new path to redemption, one which does not include violence but self-sacrifice as demonstrated by Jesus' example.

Muhammad wasn't like that. The Quran is not like that. It says kill the infidel. Kill the non-believers. It is not their history. It is their cult belief for all time.

Some choose to ignore those passages, and focus on the milder ones. You could do that. But it doesn't erase the words and intent of the document itself.

It is a murderous, unilateral, hierarchical government plan for the entire world.

You can live in ignorance, or you can accept this fact.
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