Sayonara Democrats And Good Riddance

Democrats haven't learned a durn thing from this election. Nancy Pelosi plans to use her money, influence and power to demand that her left wing progressive supporters rally behind her re-election as House Minority leader.

Bernie Sanders the Socialist and his comrade on the left, Lizzie Warren, are pushing hard to go further left by recommending Keith "Muhammad X Hakim" Ellison as the next DNC chair.

Obama and Biden could never in a million years admit they did anything wrong to cause the mess Democrats are in right now.

Quite frankly, I hope Democrats dig their grave even deeper by going further left and transforming their Party into a perennially fringe group of left wing radical Socialist hipsters -- with no possible chance of ever getting anywhere near the White House again. Sayonara and good riddance!
This comment was left by Tim Iversen at Wall Street Journal
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