Sanctuary Cities Are Destroying The Fabric Of America

The following is what has happened in my home town and probably yours. It starts with Katie Steinle's" murder and goes on to point out some of the things and those who are responsible. It is likely true in your communities as well. Here it goes.

Every time I hear or think about "Katie Steinle's" murder I painfully internally scream out with primal rage! I did not personally know her but she is someone I could have known, I am connected in a way I cannot explain.

I live in this town (SF - "Sanctuary City") and it has become so different than when I moved here 40 years ago. Generally speaking, a large number of those that currently live here (imported tech workers and more) are nothing more than "weeds". Some highly paid, many "educated", but educated derelict weeds.

20 somethings and 30 somethings who are not from here "think" they know better than you. As I have learned driving them from place to place for both Uber and Lyft, in my own town.

Then you have the politicos (Browns, Newsomes, Gettys, Pelosis, Boxers, Fiensteins) all of whom are rich, somehow unbelievably rich, on government salaries.

These politicos are the ones that create the sanctuary cities that creates a large shinning beacon to illegals who have no care what-so-ever for our laws, our nation, yet the politicos beckon them here, also with no regard for our nations laws, our citizen or our communities. So they can maintain power and get wealth sucking off the life blood of us all!

The arrogance, the underlying hubris is truly here in my once great town, I can't stand it, I hate it. It make me sick what this town has become! The billionaires; the Getty's, Zuckerbergs, Ellisons and more, and their sycophant groupies will disagree. As they are far removed from the reality of the majority, the people who actually create, provide services that make this region and more work!

If a nuclear weapon were to go off here in San Francisco and if I survived - I would be outraged and simultaneously happy knowing that the plague, the enemy within was destroyed, at least here.

That’s how bad it has become for me, one that has been here for many decades and has had many friends move away. I am alone. I have witnessed the destruction that some call "progress".

I have watched those with small skills become billionaires who are now re veered by the mindless ones.

I have watched my opportunities dwindle as these "billionaires" imported foreign labor (H1B's) to take my livelihood away, so they could buy another yacht, another home, another island and proclaim that nations are irrelevant, as globalism helps their cause.

These globalists and those that support them (politically correct speech proponents, race hustlers, Co-Exist Now types, etc) are death itself on a culture that has worked for humanity for thousands of years.

These arrogant nobody’s, like leaves falling from a tree think they know better then the lessons of history, which they never learned!

History is the great teacher.

There is a lesson coming.

And many (in SF and more) will not like it and will definitely not be happy as their world collapses.

Have a nice apoplectic moment...
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