Russians Confirm They Prefer A Weak Clinton As POTUS

“For Russia, Hillary Clinton is the most desired candidate,” says Mr. Kiselyov.

“One more proof of that came when it was made known in the US that Mrs. Clinton, while visiting Moscow at some point, left behind the secret documents, and not just some documents, but a bag-full of selected secret documents.

They were found by the Secret Diplomatic Service of the US that usually cleans the hotel rooms after high-positioned politicians, wiping off the fingerprints and all the traces of bio-material that could, for example, help give a medical diagnosis.”

“I like this Clinton’ s attitude towards secret documents,” he adds. “Is this really bad for us?”

“Hillary will make a wonderful President – the nature itself will be on our [Russia’s] side. We [Russia] are for Clinton. Now we know who we shall cheer on.”

-- Dmitry Kiselyov, the host of the highest-rated TV program News of the Week and Kremlin mouthpiece.
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