Republicans Need To Spend More Time In The Liberal Media's Snake-Pit

Soon after the Pence vs. Kaine debate no one remembered what was said, but they will forever remember that Pence seemed calm and reasoned while Kaine was obnoxious and even childish.

Sometimes you're not there to persuade anybody, you're there to appear calm and reasonable when they are not.

You show everybody in the audience that you're not anything like what the other side said you're like, which serves to irritate them and leads them to treat you obviously unfairly, unreasonably, and absurdly, calling into question (if not invalidating) everything they had said about you.

You're speaking to the audience, not the hosts. In the end, the audience can see Joy Behar and her candidate 'going off' and starting a nuclear war far more than they can Conway and Trump.
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