Real GOP Leadership

I relocated overseas because I refuse to pay taxes for illegal immigration & amnesty while I suffer & wait VA benefits I am entitled to as a result of injuries I sustained serving my country. In addition, My new wife from overseas was refused a visa? Our baby will be born overseas, and will be denied medical care from doctors I trust in the US. If I'm not mistaken, our baby will be a US citizen. 

ILLEGAL ALIENS in the meanwhile are given SSN benefits I will NEVER see, and other benefit far exceeding what I am entitled to through the VA. 

DONALD TRUMP has given me hope, real hope. I believe Donald Trump, and I trust only Ted Cruz or possibly Ben Carson as well. There are others I would vote for, like Sessions or West, but they will never run. Maybe Trump will ask them to serve as VP or in his cabinet?

Bottom line, I see no other genuine leadership. Donald Trump heard our mandate in the November 2014 elections, the establishment RINOs IGNORED US! LIED TO US!



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