Re-Re-Re-Making Hillary For 2020

Good God Almighty. I had heard the gossip but cannot believe it. What are they going to do with her? Is she going to come and proclaim that she is SO sorry for calling ordinary everyday blue collar workers, “irredeemable deplorables” and think we are going to swallow that pablum?

How will they remake her? Will she continue her saber rattling with Russia? For God’s sake, I hope Trump does what he should do.

Open the can of worms that HRC and hubby and the DNC was so desperately wanting to keep on…. the utter corruption of the DNC under their imprimatur!

Her crimes should be reviewed by an Independent forum and expose the pay for play with the CF with ME entities. Expose her lust for power, so much so that she put national security at risk. The whole lot of them…are culpable. Trump wants to drain the swamp?

If she gets away with all that again, then Trump will be blamed. The woman is like whack a mole… she disgusted me so much that I left the Dems in a hurry. They are beyond salvation.
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